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    Payment form

    Before MYMOID can process a transaction with an acquirer, it is necessary to collect payment method information (card, Bizum or any) from your users. To minimize your PCI scope, this sensitive cardholder data should be added without accessing your servers.

    A payment form is a web-based form that enables users to enter payment information to make a payment. The payment form typically includes fields for the user to input their payment details, such as card number, expiration date, cardholder and security code.

    Payment order

    To view, a Payment Order created you should make use of the Payment Form. It is available depending on the environment and can be found at the following URLs:

    • Sandbox: To initiate a payment order in Sandbox, use the following URL and change {payment-order-shortcode} to the one corresponding to your created payment order.

    • Production: To initiate a payment order in Production, use the following URL and change {payment-order-shortcode} to the one corresponding to your created payment order.


    Redirection parameters

    You must define a successful redirection URL and a failed redirection URL to redirect the user once the payment is completed. To do so, you should include the parameters successURL and errorURL in the previuos URL, as explained below.

    For example, the URL format with successURL and errorURL parameters in sandbox environment:


    The redirection flow experienced by a user is:


    Starting point: The payment form is loaded with the enabled payment method options. (Depending on the configuration, it may be embedded in an iframe or a URL.)

    1. The user selects the payment method.
      Note that depending on the payment method selected by the user, there may be an automatic redirection to the processor's website to complete the payment process.
      For example, in the case of Bizum, the user will be redirected to the Bizum website where they will need to enter their phone number to complete the transaction.

    2. Once the payment is made, there will be an automatic redirection to the payment form, which will notify the payment result. This screen will be displayed for 5 seconds.

    3. After the 5 seconds have passed, the user will be redirected to the success or failure URLs configured by the user.

    The maximum height size of the form's content is currently 702px on desktop displays or approximately 450px on mobile portrait displays.
    The iframe content has been designed responsively to fit the iframe's width as the webpage resizes. This allows you to set the width dynamically based on a percentage or with a CSS media query.
    However, you will need to set the height manually, taking into consideration the limitations described above. It is highly recommended that you set the iframe's height with a media query.

    Customization guide

    The page where the payment amount and form are displayed can be customized with basic elements, such as the logo and Colours.

    • PNG-24 image (transparent)
    • Max. height: 40px
    • Max. width: 150px
    • Resolution @1x/@2x


    The main color (required) and a second color (optional, for the background and heading), depending on your preference.

    • Button color (Primary - Required): Hex color or RGB colour
    • Background color (Secondary - Optional): Hex color or RGB color
    • Header color (Optional): Hex color or RGB colour
    • Concept / Reference (Required): Visibility: visible / hidden

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