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    Payment Order

    The payment order is the center of our payment process, as the vehicle for payment information and the link between the organization, the user, the payment methods and the transaction.

    We simplify all the processes in the payment order, an entity that allows the product, the price and the user to be linked in the same element and direct the payment to its final transaction.


    A payment order has a life cycle shown in the image below:


    First of all, a payment order must be created. After it has been created, it can take on different states depending on the action that is performed on it:

    Payment order status

    AVAILABLEThe initial status of a Payment Order after it has been created. This Payment Order can be expired, canceled or paid.
    EXPIREDA Payment Order is expired if the expiry period (24 hours by default) has passed and the payment on it has not been made. Once the Payment Order has expired it cannot be paid.
    CANCELLEDA Payment Order with AVAILABLE status may be canceled. After we canceled the Payment Order it cannot be paid.
    PAIDOnly after we confirm or execute a Payment the Payment Order status would be PAID.
    PARTIALLY_REFUNDEDA Payment Order is in this status if we make a refund for an amount less than the total after having been paid.
    REFUNDEDThe amount associated with the Payment Order which was previously paid has been completely refunded. To be able to proceed to a refund, the Payment Order must be in PAID or PARTIALLY_REFUNDED status.

    Parameters attributes

    Please refer to the API reference to view the attributes of each parameter.

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