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    Getting started

    Initiate your exploration of MYMOID's Developers by effectively creating your first payment order and generating user-friendly payment form.

    What you will learn?

    In this quickstart you’ll learn:

    • How to create a MYMOID account.
    • How to create your first organization.
    • How to create an application and get your API key credentials.
    • How to create your first payment order and pay it.

    Initial setup:

    Step 1: Create a MYMOID account

    1. Go to Accounts
    2. Click on "Register"
    3. Complete the user form with your email and password
    4. Validate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email.

    Step 2: Create your first organization

    1. Once your MYMOID account has been validated, in Accounts, click on "Create Organization".
    2. Enter your organization's name and click the "Create" button.
    3. In the "My Organizations" section, you should view all the organizations you have created.

    Step 3: Create an application and get your API key credentials

    1. Go to Developers.
    2. Select the organization created before in Accounts.
    3. Click on "Create APP". You should provide a name that identifies it. Also, a description if necessary.
    4. In the applications list click over the application to open the detail, Finally you should copy the API-Key.

    Create your payment experience:

    Step 1: Create your first payment order

    1. Go to "Create Payment Order" section in our Payments API Reference.
    2. Using the playground, paste the API-Key copied in x-api-key field.
    3. Setup the payment order properties as per your preferences (reference, concept, amount, currency, expiration_date).
    4. Send the request to our API by clicking the "Send API Request" button (Make sure you are operating in the same environment where the application was created. If you don't have a production account yet, you should select the "Sandbox Server").
    5. Verify that the payment order has been successfully created in the "Response" section. In case of an error, check the error type in the response.

    Step 2: Pay the payment order

    1. Load the payment order in the Payment form by opening a new tab with the following URL:{payment-order-shortcode}
    2. Complete the payment form with the payment method test data.

    3. Click on "Pay" button.

    Optional: Verify payment order life-cyling

    You have two options to verify the payment order life-cycling:

    1. You can access to Payment Gateway and view information about all operations generated (payment order details and transaction details).
    2. You can access to Payments API Reference and use the "Get Payment Order" endpoint to get the payment order details.


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